New ATAG boiler upgrade

Shenfield – James T


James contacted us after his current boiler started to cut out several times a day which resulted in the need to manually reset the system each time.

We arranged a site visit the following day and found the boiler had been neglected by the previous owner of the property, the boiler has rotted through the casing. This could have potentially caused a carbon monoxide leak which is a significant danger to anyone inside the property.

Whilst walking around the property James advised that some radiators were not getting as hot as others, and the whole heating system (including underfloor heating) would take a long time to reach a comfortable temperature.

Our quotation included several changes to the system design which included a new ATAG boiler, which would result in a speedier heating of the rooms using less gas and energy. The ATAG boiler is Europe’s most efficient boiler along with its 10-year warranty and unique lifetime heat exchanger replacement. This was the perfect match for this property and left James a happy customer!

Watch what James said about his new boiler installation with The Boiler Replacement Company.

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