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Need a new boiler?


We often think of the water that runs through your radiators like the blood that runs through your veins. In the same way, you want to have healthy blood, you also want to have a healthy heating system for you and your loved ones.

If you…

  • Have radiators that are creaking and groaning
  • Have radiators that aren’t getting hot
  • Have a central heating system that keeps breaking

You are in need of a central heating system clean.

A system that isn’t operating a peak efficiency can be a big problem and by dealing with this issue you could be saving as much as 25% on your heating bills if you have the grime cleaned out from your radiators and heating system.

From £245.00

What does Boiler Servicing entail?

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What are the Benefits?

Most 10-year warranties that come with your boiler will be invalidated by having sludge and debris found in the system, this is because the gunk that can be in the central heating system will damage the boiler significantly. Having a brand new boiler that’s efficiency rated in the A category means nothing if your system is dirty, your boiler will have to work so hard that in some scenarios it can lower the grade down to a D rating in terms of efficiency.

Our Process

Our triple process is how we ensure a properly cleaned central heating service.


For the more congested systems, we firstly use a Powerflush machine, which forces water a high velocity through your radiators and pipework. This will dislodge any gunk and grime within the system and clear out your pipes.


We use a filtering process called a Magnacleanse (see more in the video below), this is a magnetic process that can catch every impurity in the system using a magnetic field. This ensures that you have completely pure water to circulate through your central heating.


Our treatment process is the final step, where we can also make suggestions to you for ways to improve your central heating system if you are having continued issues and want to reduce the need to keep calling engineers out. A central heating protection fluid is added to protect the whole system

Why Choose Us?
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There are many benefits of having a regular Boiler Service.

Maintain your warranty, as most manufacturers have an annual service as a condition of the warranty, if you don’t have this service then you may incur high repair costs for small faults.

Catch any issues in your system before they develop into a problem meaning you won’t be calling anyone up urgently when your water won’t heat or when you are left in the cold.

Prolong the life of the boiler. Like a car, having a service every now and again will ensure that you can keep using it for the foreseeable future.

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