ATAG boiler range

Looking to replace your old boiler with a more reliable and energy efficient option?


We are one of the leading new boiler installation teams in the Essex region, covering all RM postcodes and beyond.

We install ATAG boilers weekly in your area, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands with a boiler installation from The Boiler Replacement Company.

Investing in a new ATAG boiler is a wise choice that will benefit you and your family for many years to come and if your looking for even more significant savings, then take a look at the economiser range with its unrivalled hot water flow rates and lower gas bills

High-efficiency boilers built to last

ATAG iC Economiser Plus Combi Boiler

Combi boiler of the future

The revolutionary iC Economiser Plus  boiler has been described as the COMBI OF THE FUTURE because it contains an industry-leading innovation, the patented Economiser Plus.

Inside each ATAG Economiser Plus combination boiler, there is a revolutionary device that recycles lost heat. In doing so, it protects

 the environment while helping to save money on your annual gas bills. 

Some years ago, Atag design engineers realised untapped residual heat left in the boiler after hot water had been heated. Rather than release this energy as waste, they engineered the Economiser Plus, an environmentally-friendly innovation that recycles the flue gases for a second time, resulting in optimum energy efficiency. 

Get a Quote for an ATAG boiler?

"We now look forward to reduced operational cost through the two new ATAG boilers with a 10-year warranty, improved zoning and control systems. Matt's work was again to a very high standard, and we highly recommend him to you. 5 stars."

This customer initially contacted us in Chigwell to carry out an annual boiler service. The service was completed, and a conversation with the customer regarding the efficiency and availability of spare parts highlighted a potential future problem that the customer hadn’t thought about as peace of mind was not an option with their current 30-year-old installation.

The following day we emailed a fixed price quotation to the customer, which included removal of the storage tanks, radiators and existing boiler.

It was agreed that an ATAG combination boiler would be installed with new efficient radiators and a more accurate wireless programmable room thermostat.

The installation took three days and left two delighted customers with a very efficient system that gave them peace of mind with 10-year parts and labour warranty and a much more comfortable heating system.

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 Buying a new boiler is a considerable investment, and you need to be sure that it’s going to keep you warm for years to come. That’s why every ATAG boiler comes with a standard ten years warranty with options up to 14 years.

Customer service is everything

You’ve had a fantastic product installed in your house, and unfortunately  things go wrong even with a new product. ATAG has addressed this problem and has committed to attend call outs the SAME or NEXT day. So whether you are thinking about a new boiler for yourself or an elderly relative, you can rest assured your heating, and hot water will be back up and running in no time.

Engineered to last

From there, advanced facilities in Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands, Atag manufacture boilers trusted throughout the world. 

Atag has been manufacturing boilers for over 70 years. In 1983 choosing to focus solely on manufacturing super-efficient heating products and became active in the UK in 2001. In 2013, Atag launched the iCon heat exchanger, the “beating heart” inside all of their boilers. A heat exchanger is the ‘engine’ of any boiler, and Atag is genuinely unique. Manufactured with high-grade stainless steel, not only does it outperform everything else on the market, but it also carries a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Reducing your heating bills

For homeowners looking for even more significant savings, the boiler range is the most energy-efficient in Europe and can help cut your annual gas bills by up to £320 per year. 

Keeping your home safe

To ensure the highest safety standards in UK homes, ATAG only supplies boilers to carefully selected, legally qualified Gas Safe registered installers, Known as ATAG Selected Partners (ASPs). 

As an Atag select partner, we know how to install ATAG boilers correctly and service them regularly. And after your boiler is installed, should you require assistance, Atags warranty helpline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and aim to get your boiler fixed the same or next day. 

ATAG are passionate about what they do. Atag are very proud of their high performing and super-efficient boilers and firmly believe that they have the lowest cost of ownership in Europe due to their build quality. It’s this commitment that’s led ATAG to be rated number one boiler manufacturer on independent review site Trustpilot, voted for by UK consumers.
How we’re different

We start by giving you a great warranty. We give you a ten-year warranty on all our parts, and labour as well, so you can trust us with your new boiler.

We don’t use cheap materials or cut costs, we buy products we know that we can trust, and install them properly.

What’s more, we work hard to ensure that we stick to the timeline we’ve told you and the costs we’ve quoted.

We pride ourselves on great aftercare, we don’t put the phone down and leave you with your new boiler. We look after our customers in the long term and sure we are there when you need us.

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Investing in a new ATAG boiler?

ATAG one zone smart controller

Alongside this super-efficient boiler comes the Atag one smart controller bringing you a controller that will leave your home feeling cosy and comfortable with the benefit of controlling it even on the move.

The OneZone is as easy to use as it is stylish. The clever communication system means that not only can you control your hot water and heating when you’re on the move, but it will also save energy and reduce your heating bills: with no compromise on your comfort, you can cut your annual gas bill by up to 12%. The ONE Zone app gives you real-time information about how much energy you’re using and shares experts’ top tips on reducing your consumption.

This is the part we love and sure you will too. We can, with your permission, monitor if there is a problem with the boiler without even visiting your property, potentially wasting your valuable time; yes, you read that right without even visiting your property.

How is this even possible, I hear you say!

The software within the controller is linked directly to the boiler, so we can monitor in realtime what your boiler is doing, and if it is developing a fault, this is a really great feature as it can save so much time as it may be something we can direct you with to fix the fault over the phone.

Smart controller features and funtions

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